Huntington-Surrey School


Community Secondary Education Youth


College Prep With Heart: A Tradition Of Learning, A Community Of Affirmation

Huntington-Surrey is an affirming, independent, college-prep high school, in the heart of Austin since 1973.

Our small class sizes, zero-bullying environment, unique Individual Literature program, and emphasis on personalized support and mentoring make Huntington-Surrey a true alternative to large, institutional high schools. Here, nobody falls through the cracks. We make sure that every student receives the understanding and support they need to find their own path to college and success. Our graduates have gone on to succeed in fields ranging from medicine to economics to the nonprofit sector to contemporary classical music. A Huntington-Surrey education teaches you how to think, adapt, and overcome any challenge.

Members of the LGBTQ+ and gender nonconforming communities are well-represented in both our faculty and our student body. No matter what happens in Texas politics, we are an independent educational option with an unshakeable commitment to the community. We are out, proud, and here to stay.

Is your student having trouble finding their place in high school? They deserve a supportive, rigorous academic environment, dedicated to the tradition of the liberal arts and an ethic of inclusion and respect. We accept applicants throughout the school year. Don't wait another day - your teen's success begins now.


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